Kinds of Pens!

There are so many different kinds of pens. Different styles, colors, uses and quality. Just  to name a few: Dip pen, Quill Pen, Ink Brush, Reed Pen,Ball point pen, Fountain Pen, Felt tip pen or marker, Rolling Pen and Gel Pen.

I like to use Blue ink ballpoint pen. I think I write better, more like a professional, where as my father, the creator of

Jr. Gentlemen Pen

Pens like to use Black ink fine tip pen. I sure some fear the red ink pen from school.

Next blog: What is a Dip Pen?!


About lovingspens

I have worked with wood for the past 60 years. This year I started turning pens on a lathe. I use local deer, elk and antelope antlers/horns. Laminate woods, hard woods and inlays to create a great exesitive pen. The arcylic pens are fun, exciting and hard to choose just one. My other hobbies are rock hounding, photography and traveling. As a retired firefighter I have pride myself in service.
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