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Dip-Pens or Nib Pens

Dip-Pen Just like it sounds, you dip the pen in the ink to write. The dip-pen does not have a reservoir and must be repeatedly recharged with ink in order to draw or write. Wikipedia has the Dip-pens history as … Continue reading

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Kinds of Pens!

There are so many different kinds of pens. Different styles, colors, uses and quality. JustĀ  to name a few: Dip pen, Quill Pen, Ink Brush, Reed Pen,Ball point pen, Fountain Pen, Felt tip pen or marker, Rolling Pen and Gel … Continue reading

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  Welcome to Lovings Pens Blog. Artisan crafted pens one of a kind. Dare to write in style. We thought it would be fun to blog about pens, pen history, paper famous signatures, writers, etc. We hope it proves as … Continue reading

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